Comentarios sobre Uruguay en The Guardian

El corresponsal de The Guardian para América del Sur, Uki Goñi, cubrió recientemente para este periódico la llegada de los presos de Guantánamo a Uruguay. Los comentarios nos hablan de la percepción que una medida de estas características ayuda a construir. Recogemos los comentarios positivos sobre Mujica y Uruguay (no encontramos ninguno negativo):

collywobbler, 11 December 2014 7:38pm

It seems to me that for all its issues, Uruguay is a great place with a leader in Mujica that leads the way in modelling true leadership. Freedom is the right of mankind

angie11, 11 December 2014 8:44pm

Thank you, people of Uruguay, for demonstrating humanity and kindness!

Thank you, President Mujica.

pandoraslocks, 11 December 2014 10:22pm

Warmhearted and generous of the Uruguayan people.

goatrider, 11 December 2014 11:25pm

God bless the government and people of Uruguay.

Kavanette, 11 December 2014 11:26pm

Viva Mujica, Viva Cori, Viva Uruguay! Can I immigrate?

farah35, 11 December 2014 11:27pm

How can a people be so beautiful. I am so touched and hopeful. Thank you people of Uruguay, thank you president Mujica and thank you attorney Cori Cider. I am sorry for the years lost for the prisoner. I hope they will have the strength of president Mujica to overcome their pain and the atrocities they faced while jailed and tortured. . Congratulations to them. May the powerless people of the world win.

maya0mex, 12 December 2014 12:24am

Pepe Mujica should be elected world president for life.

Then the whole world would really be free.

And not under the torture king´s that seems to be in charge of most goverments.

ewmbrsfca, 12 December 2014 3:17am

On this momentous occasion, Uruguay and its people shine bright as a beacon on a hill. Meanwhile, the US, thanks to Bush and Cheney, have lost any and all moral authority for decades to come. The Empire Stands Naked. It is an odious sight to behold.

Csaponxypan, 12 December 2014 3:32am

Long Live Uruguay and President José Mujica, who is the most admirable politician in the world today!

Nicolas Gautier, 12 December 2014 10:09am

Thank the gods for Mujica, he’s currently the only leader of a country who’s really a servant of his people.
I hope that they will have a decent enough life from now on and that they can put their horrible past behind.


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