Kansas farmers love Uruguay

Visto en agweb.com

Un grupo de ganaderos de Kansas realizó recientemente una visita a Argentina y Uruguay. Afirman que la industria ganadera uruguaya está abierta a la utilización de embriones  genéticamente modificados para mejorar la raza, y que el país alberga un gran potencial para este tipo de prácticas.

“Uruguay is home to approximately three million people and an astonishing 12 million head of cattle. An estimated 50 percent of these cattle are Herefords, 25 percent are Angus and the remaining 25 percent consists of other beef and dairy breeds. The cattle industry in Uruguay is very progressive and open to the use of U.S. genetics. Cattle in both Argentina and Uruguay are smaller in stature than that of the average American breed. Argentinean and Uruguayan producers appreciate a more condensed build which more ideally fits their management style and environment.

Within the borders of these two countries lies tremendous potential for Kansas beef producers. “If it isn’t us, it’s going to be somebody else,” Mushrush said.  Exporting semen and embryos provides another outlet for the Kansas beef industry to expand. “Both countries present significant opportunities for Kansas and U.S. seed stock producers to export genetics in both the Angus and Hereford breeds,” Brown said. “As Kansas agriculturalists, it is our duty to seize advancement opportunities such as these. With our genetics in countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, the door to future opportunities is just beginning to open.”


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